butterfly (for m leng leng)

Dreamweaver, fluttering through the colors

Of a never-ending rainbow in this July haze,

Wings of water, seamless and endless as clouds,

You seek for the tropic sky’s healing embrace.


It is this free spirit, transparent and prism-pure,

Lead me to where my pens, bundled by molten

Rubber bands, lie static beneath an age-old

Magkono, the iron wood, unsharpened.


Water-borne fairy in Cinderella’s shoes

Torn between home and the royal party —

A living dream lived the way T’bolis sing

As Higaonons weave music with kubings,

Pulalas, congas and bamboo bird flutes

Dancing in black, yellow, red and blue suits.


Let your whirlwind journey take you back

To the cocoon from where you first took flight

And the rites of Ifugaos and spirits of the terraces,

Datu Wala and the nymphs of Agusan marshes

Wing you to where canoes and bigiws unite

As paddles gleam when bubbles greet the Light.

Once again, I let loose my pens!

written by Sir Coy P Ponte, August 2012 (permission granted by author to post in bangka journey’s blog)

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