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Sakayanon (Krutsay)

by Minggoy Lopez
Krutsay! Ang sakayanon nagtawag sa hangin
Krutsay! Kon ang kalantap sa dagat magsakit (maghagit?)
Kalaay gayud, kabug-at sa gaud
Ug kainit nga daw mamahit
Midag-um, midag-um na
Dapit sa atong habagatan
Pagbantay-bantay mga kauban
Ang timbangan dili pagbiyaan
Ayaw baya kalimot
Nga gikalisangan kining hangina
Mogisi sa layag
Muguba sa atong sakayan.
Timbang kamo, hinubig kamo
Dagan ngari, dagan ngadto
Walay labing pait ingun sa kinabuhing sakayanon
Init ug ulan gisawud nga walay pulopasilong,
Aniay pay katugnaw ug kagutom pa gayud intawon
Giantos ang tanan
Kay gimbut-an sa kapalaran.
Sir Reigh’s Note: Other versions use “maghagit” (to challenge) instead of “magsakit” (to cause to suffer)
Sir Rene Ponte’s Note:
Below is not a singable translation Leng, this is more of an explanation of the terms. I am not even comfortable with the boatman. Sakayanon aptly means one who always ride boats either a fisherman or passenger pumpboat operator. At least, you can understand the gist of the song.

BoatWoman (Krutsay)

(leng leng’s version in bold italics)
Krutsay! The bangkaWOman is calling the wind
Krutsay! If the stillness of the sea confronts (challenges)
So dull, so heavy the tediousness
And the heat that seems to bite
Rainclouds are starting to gather
Way down south of us
Be watchful my friends
Always keep the balance
Just don’t forget
That the southwind is feared
Tears down the sails
And destroys our boat.
Keep the balance, scoop out the water
Run over here, run over there
There is nothing harder than the life of a bangkaWOman
The heat and the rain is taken without shelter
Then there is the cold and the hunger
Everything is handled
As it is fate’s willing

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