~WishList Bucket~

under challenging times of no funding, we reach out to you, kindly help us to build our bangka, our paddles, to fulfill building dream bridges with rainbows across the oceans. ~with deep appreciation, the bangka journey core crew ~

~contact mylene@bangkajourney.com~

  1. Volunteers! (regular/special projects) We love volunteers as we ourselves are those who work from the heart. Grant-writersfun-draisers and fundraising ideas/resources. Researchers on traditional seafaring ways in the Philippines. Video Editor – We have tons of footage that need editing. If  you would like to help us cut and edit a teaser, mini documentary, we would love to work with you! Event Organizer – organize carvers/paddlers to be!
  2. Big upgrade items. to make operations smoother, an IPAD, a used but working laptop.
  3. Weekly items: gift cards for gas funds commuting/carpooling/bridge toll to and from oakland/sf bay area to santa rosa worksite
  4. Service related items. bangka-builders, paddle-makers (life size and mini-paddles), muscle power to complete bangka for carving, turning over the log – schedule varies, do connect with us.
  5. Building materials. hardware store gift cards for Tools or better yet got tools? usable (various sizes from 6-10 inches): chisels, filers such as half round file, mill file, slim taper file, round file, rasps including half-round wood rasp, 4-way shoe rasp. recycled wood for paddles/mini-paddles/ misc gifting items to carve at home, access to local green raw bamboo for outriggers (at least 21 feet long, minimum 4 inches in diameter, ideal 5-6inches diameter); gorilla glue, marine epoxy, portable work-table, work gloves (sizes S-M-L); a kestrel tool starting kit for the novice carver
  6. Books about canoe building and paddle-making specific to the traditions in the Philippines and/or Pacific Islanders. fortunate to have a loaner of a native american paddle-making book but it would be lovely to have our own. please share resources if you have any.
  7. CommUNITY. got contacts to art or design school? to help with canoe/paddle design. know a local Filipino bangka builder or paddle maker?
  8. Dreaming big. funds for transport/admin costs/housing/food to bring bangka-builder/paddle-maker/engineer lakbay juan to santa rosa, CA to complete bangka/paddles or to bring back Philip H. Red Eagle for another workshop. Space big enough for a 22 foot bangka in the East Bay Area to house the bangka, a trailer or transport services to transport log to East Bay Area space and transport for future participation in tribal canoe journey in Washington State, funding or funding resources, canoes/kayaks for paddle-training, paddle-training trainers – build our strength and get us fit!


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