Bugsay UP! Mabuhay ka Alfonso!

Alfonzo joined us for Bangka Camp 2016 as he learned carving skills from Ifugaw Master Carver Mamerto Lagitan Tindongan and camped with Bangka Journey Krew. We are also honored to have L Frank Manriquez share space and indigenous stories with us. Alfonzo shares about his Bangka Camp 2016 experience:

“i appreciate the warm and inviting atmosphere that was there the entire weekend. everybody that was there seemed to want to be there which made it better and they wanted me to learn something as well which made for great conversation. I plan to use my new respect for woodcarving and begin taking classes or joining a club. my father knows a little about carving so we already set up a date for him to teach me.”

“the bangka journey was an unforgettable weekend that i will remember for the rest of my life. this is for many reasons. i learned more about another culture other than mine but still similar that there is a shared history. the people there were willing to share their knowledge and wisdom with me to help me grow. To meet mamerto was a great blessing for he taught me how to use many tools and the importance of listening to nature.”

check out his first completed bugsay (paddle) photo below. We love you and are very proud of you, Alfonzo. Alonzo learns carving skills, reconnects with his ancestral wood carvers and builders via Balik sa Dagat Bangka Journey Camp 2016 with Master Carver Mamerto Lagitan Tindongan and the BSDBJ Krew.

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