bangka camp summer 2016

delayed posting

this beautiful event happened last month – and the 3rd visit of Ifugaw Master Carver Mumbaki Mamerto Lagitan Tindongan for our Bangka Camp 2016 ~ daghang mabuhay kuya Lagitan! We have a buwaya bow and kambal tails! (Do check out photos on our Facebook page Bangka Journey).

The gift of the bangka
Some may say the bangka is low on the vessel family tree, it may not have the speed as a machine vessel does, it may not have the enormous size as a barco, a ship, but it is teaching me the power of the bangka, the power each one of us have, and when put together as a blessed Bangka Kommunity, Bangka Pamilya, in times when a kapatid (brother and/or sister) reaches out for help, and i know who is in the bangka paddling with me, in response, as a joint human being power and beautiful blessings of all colors, sizes and vessels of wisdom to help one another in a jiffy, all i can say is ‘Mabuhay tanan!’  I thank you all of our bangka ancestors guiding us together: Manong Alexis, Nestor, Nang Leny, Tek Tekh, Holly, Cal, L Frank, Nang Terry, Kuya Lagitan, Brian, Menchie, Ben, Junice, Baylan, Norman, Brenda, minamahal ko kayo~ ako si leng leng.

A warm Welcome to our new carvers: Alfonso, Lisa, Rachele, Kirin, Jem, Kym, Agos, Lauren, Bryan, and Adrienne. And a warm Welcome back to our returnees: Rachel and 4 legged friend Karunui, Nati, Brian, Norman, Brenda, Leny, Ilaya, Heru, Will, Junice, Baylan and Sanny.

Mabuhay Shout outs to our GoFundMe Bangka Camp 2016 donors, we raised over $700!:
Jeanette Gandionco Lazam, Alfonso Ramos, April Muñoz, Adrienne Solis, Shelly Vendiola, Junice Uy, Leny Strobel.

Mabuhay to Trader Joe’s and Arizmendi, both on Lakeshore Ave, Oakland, CA for nourishing the hungry carvers/campers via food donations.

We continue to build and ‘pull’ together soon. Let us learn together, check out this link ~


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