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an ALL VOLUNTEER and lovable Balik sa Dagat: Return to the Sea Bangka Journey Core Crew. 

~ Mylene ‘Leng Leng’ Amoguis Cahambing, RN, PHN, MPH is a Vision Holder/Lead Coordinator/Blogger, local county PHN Public Health Nurse, a former foster care public health nurse, retired pediatric nurse, community health nursing instructor ~ Maayo pag-abot. Tuloy po kayo. Welcome. This is not just about bangka building, carving and design. it consist of stories of many along the way,  new experiences and living dreams. it is a blessed gift, the umbilical connection with our ancestral roots unfolding with each step, the highs and the lows of the tide. forgive me if have intruded or have made a mistake. i come and go with peace in my heart to share happiness, joy and the spirit of love. i am learning with each step i take. kitang tanang magkuyog adto. let us journey together. magpadayon ta sa pagpangandoy. daghang salamat po sa yaya ko atsaka bisayan interpreter ko, si bernarda baobao taga tanday, baclayon, bohol. ~ ako si leng leng, i am leng leng

~ Alexis Canillo,Pomo/Coast Miwok-Cebuano, Artist, Kulintang musician, Carver, Retired Youth Counselor, Dancer, Choreographer

~ Holly Calica, Performing Artist, dancer, Musician, Herbalist in training; a 3rd generation Pin@y Arts Educator, Painter, Printmaker, and Mixed Media Artist. She also studies traditional and contemporary arts and uses artwork as a means to educate and help maintain tribal arts and culture being disrupted by the global market.

Baylan Megino, Life Coach Spirit Guidance, IT/media consultant , Marketing & Business Strategy: http://www.WLAGlobal.com Coaching, Profiles & Gallery: http://www.BaylanMegino.com Media: “Filipino Daily from the U.S.” http://bit.ly/filipinodaily “COLLABORATE: Be the light that others can come to with their ideas, visions and dreams. Never doubt that blending your talents with those of others can change the world.” Successories, LLC

~ Grace Villarin Duenas, MPH (http://bukoforthesoul.tumblr.com) Tagalog-Ilongga queer Pinay Lesbian, Babaylan-inspired Feminist Peace Activist, Public Health Advocate for women and children, Visual Artist (photography, ceramics, Laga weaving, beginner woodcarver), and student of ancient wisdom and indigenous spirituality.

~ Junice Uy received her Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture at UC Berkeley. She has undergraduate degrees in Anthropology and Environmental Studies from UC Santa Cruz. She is interested in designing for water quality and health. https://ecostabilization.wordpress.com
and http://www.groundupjournal.org

~ Nestor Leonida Perez Jr. is a Meditation Teacher, a Somatic Therapist, a Chi Nei Tsang and Shiatsu Massage Practitioner, a Stress Management Consultant and Holistic Lifestyle Coach.

Native Links in the Turtle Island:

Ethan Castro, Wailaki eco-designer, artist, carver, builder, weaver and more

~ Christie Tek Tekh Gabaldon, Wappo, artist, dancer, weaver, carver and more

~construction at the bangka-yard of L Frank and Sharon with P-dog and Mattie too

Daghang Mabuhay to our growing bangka pamilya (canoe family) Supporters/Funders/Contributors: words cannot express fully our appreciation and extending to all of our volunteer carvers-to-be and paddlers-to-be not named in this list of blessings. Bangka-yard space and tools via L Frank, Sharon, Ethan C and Tek Tekh. Gifted log via L Frank and The Cultural Conservancy. Volunteer Carving power support from members of the Center for Babaylan Studies

Balik sa Dagat November – December 2012: Lori Kodama, Lianne Urada, Raymond and Carmina Cahambing, Noah Strobel, Mycile Cahambing, Lily Mendoza, Perla Daly, Paul K. Manansala, Jocelyn Ampon, Cathy Kodama, Ellen R. Cachola, Teresa Opaon-Ali, Erica Arana, Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor, Monie Ordona, Mira Yusef, Vida Sullivan, Gil Peneranda, Alberta Snyder, Kaloy Kayumanggi, Holly Calica, Alexis Canillo, Baylan Megino and Mylene A. Cahambing; Bug from Heritage Salvage for donated recycled wood and last but not least food donations by Karen Pennrich, Noemi Issel, Leny Strobel, Grace Duenas, Titania Buchholdt and housing accommodations by Leny and Cal Strobel and Alexis Canillo.

Rock the Bangka Sail to Angel Island: Alex Fabros, Skipper John Sanchez and assistant

Waters for Wellness Dance with Rulan Tangen and Dancing Earth: Rulan Tangen and Daniel A.

Summer 2013 Paddle to Quinault: Titania Buchholdt, Lori Kodama, Perla Daly, Baylan Megino, Dale and Armen Beisel, Darlene Rodrigues, Teresa Coupez, Teresa Opaon-Ali, Nicolita Garces, Lisa F. Parks, Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor, Richard V., Norman Sheehan, James B. Wilson, Jose M. Montemayor, Kalil, Mateo and Noa C-D. via Grace Duenas, Mylene A. Cahambing, Nestor Perez.

National Asian Pacific Islander to End Sexual Violence (NAPIESV)via Mira Yusef for a grant to develop a curricullum to heal and end sexual violence – in progress.

Bangon Bohol Fundraising with BAJI, for orphans post-10/15/13 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Bohol: Noam S., Dale and Armen Beisel, Mira Yusef –

~ updates to follow













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