hot logs

the site where the balanghai (ancient boat)was discovered in Butuan City, Mindanao

written by Sir Coy P Ponte, first written in March 26, 2008 (permission granted by author to post in bangka journey’s blog)





Like hot pinipig afloat a river of chocolate,

They are towed down the Agusan furtively!

Their stirrings – quieted by the same greed

Authorized pen-pushers possess –

Drown the common folks’ poking noses.


We dream to reclaim the mountains

With the foliage that veils our very lives

But, swifter than the current’s downstream run,

The boatman leads the circus

with a profiteering band:

Millions guide the logs’ clandestine glide

While eagles are fed with paper bills

that break off their claws;

Monkeys at checkpoints are made content

in collecting loose coins.


As pontiffs and men of the cloth

echo the Fatherland’s pains,

Mother Nature is spilt as honey

on poor men’s beans.


Lumberjacks lie gainful

Cutting the truth off Agusan’s soul.

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