watering with care

just as gardening, it takes time to tend to it. log care, as i am learning, is no different. watering the log of the world bangka, for me, is just as healing as watering the garden. it’s a wonderful opportunity to be at peace, pondering dreams to be. but as i live 1-hour commute away from the logsite it is not an easy task nor a cheap activity for one who has limited budget to travel to and fro. thankfully there’s a volunteer who has taken the task of watering the log. christi shared with me that depending on the elements, the weather, watering the log may be a different experience each time. upon uncle philip’s recommendation, donated bulky gunny sacks from  from ethan and a local roastery, tailor made cafe in Sebastopol, helps keep the log moist and wet and reinforced with tarp. if we were located next to a body of water, it would be much easier to keep the log wet by bringing her to the shore but that is not our reality. we are set in the urban setting. we are looking for local friendly volunteers in the santa rosa, california area to help with watering the log with care and good intentions – support bangka journey, contact mylene@bangkajourney.com

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