BJ to TJ 2013: lumpia and elk meets

The days are melting into each other, losing the kronos way of time, welcoming the new moon, canoe journey time

Today’s special from melanie’s food stand is crispy elk lumpia. She and her best friend who is filipino started frying their lumpias from their home. It was good. Melanie shared that she hopes to work in an official kitchen when she returns home and also make fresh crab lumpia!!!!!!

crispy elk lumpia A walk towards the point near the firepit, we meet dominic, who found a piece of history playing on the beach down below us. it was a piece of teak wood with melted metal that ‘experts’ say may be from the 1500’s possibly leftover from a galleon. Dominic is Anisshinaabe; he shared with us that turtles are sacred to them. I shared with him that Bohol is an island shaped like a turtle, my maternal homeland…….

treasures from the past


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