bangkas of austronesia

it was an honor and a great pleasure to share grace villarin duenas’s poem, bangka in buko for the soul, at last weekend’s UCB {m}aganda magazine launch in the name of community. remembering our connections via the waterways. precious waters. dr efren isonera, a professor of ateneo in the philippines, shares the connections in our languages of the waterways via the bangka = wangka = vaka = va’a = waka = wa’a

i am not an expert of linguistics nor history but this is a very curious find for me as a novice bangka builder. i am open to learn more of our connections, our commonalities. what have you to share that connects us via the bangka?
Relearning with our tongues! via joey ayala’s lupang hinirang!
And as we learn from Salish people, we share with you about the 10 rules of the canoe per the pacific northwest’s seafaring people: starting with the P.S. Rule: “Never, NEVER call a CANOE a “boat”. Them’s splashin’ in words, friend. You might get thrown in the water, or get to dance, to clear the score.” Take this as a warning, you have been warned.

some interesting finds on population migration and expansion: “.…most likely to have been driven by climate change, in particular global warming and the resulting sea-level rises at the end of the Ice Age between 15,000 to 7,000 years ago.’ 




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