Dagat at Lupa ~ ocean and land

a dream come true for balik sa dagat bangka journey – it is an honor to be with you sama sama summer coop. Daghang mabuhay to the organizers and parents, lolas and families.
A wonderful time with children and their parents, aunties and uncles to learn about dagat at lupa, the ocean and the land with indigenous relations
Daghang mabuhay!
Lolo Babe you would be so proud to hear that the children learned your dream of singing and dancing at dawn to heal earth
And to sing and dance on bangkas in the near future
It was also fun to give the warning of the tribal canoe journey’s P.S. Rule of ‘ Never, never call a canoe a boat…’ The kids responded with yea, i can sing and dance and many of the little ones were happy to hear about being ‘thrown’ in the water especially under the pressing heat of the sunny day in santa rosa.
Til next time, bring the kids over and we shall do this again with love and care. I know our ancestors are smiling upon us.


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