A Rainbow Beyond Range

dedicated to Manong Joaquin Ligumbres

A Rainbow Beyond Range

by Coy P Ponte 


He wore not Polaris on his forehead

Yet his tongue is sure to guide you

Through the vastness of his insights.

Owning not Karyapa’s pen,

He profess the doggerel of the moon

That even fireflies can only drool on.

Sun-baked, his skin bares the mark of ages

Yet his wit and humor reveal a youthful soul.

Stanch and unyielding to the tests of the times,

The stones he piled into garden walls become his body;

And the silvery blonde of his aging hair, divergent

From the weeds he had thrown into the pyre,

Sings praises for the thickness of his palms.

The streets of the plaza call him by his name;

Even memorials exult in his presence!

Beyond sunshine, beyond rain He is a rainbow clear of range –

Earth-bound, yet flying with the wind –

Whose end is in the hearts of whom his life has touched

Where surely, his pot of gold lies open and strewn.


(permission granted by author to share poem and photo below with Balik sa Dagat Bangka Journey 8/15/14


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