spit out the german shephard

sipping kofi 3 in 1, the prize of the hike up and down the steep hill from the batad to the sari-sari (variety) store down below, thinking of misty mornings in the afternoon with heavy duty sore legs from 300+ steps up and 300+ steps down but i lost track of counting at the 77th step. stop, breath in slow, breath out slow, breath in the green jungle abound of water bearing trees. relinquishing the cool spring water, gifts from the mountain-side spring. mag-nga nga. chew the betel nut. spit out the red laway (spit). when asked what is mestizo in ifugao, an ifugao leader answered that there is no ifugaw word for it. instead, the ifugaw leader said that ‘german sheperd’ is used to refer to a foreigner. spit out the ‘german shepherd’ after 400+ years of colonization

Uhaj, Banaue, Ifugao, Bansa ng Pilipinas

bayanihan – ancestral banaue rice terraces made by hand and water to move the earth. community building with the indio-geniuses people of the north, the ifugaos of luzon, t’bolis from the south, mindanao with balik-bisayans from oakland, califas. immerse in the diverse cultures, learn and teach each other about our varied languages of ancestral lands in the now. akyat, baba (ulitin pa rin) climb up climb down (repeat) the mountainside of banaue

yellow birds follow as the red birds fly by. black winged palm-size butterflies flutter by in numbers. expose sa ibat ibang salita ng bansa (diversity of languages in the motherland). planting seeds katutubo ifugao with strength of mighty giants flying up and down the rice terraces, mighty giants katutubo ifugao closest to heaven on earth. kiphodan di bilid, kiphodan di payo; for the good of the forest, for the good of the rice terraces, lagud uhaj, banaue, ifugao. buy a tree, plant a tree

healing dance

amidst recent travels, overcoming high-feverish illness, i received a loving email from a friend on the other side of the globe: ‘Rather than an illness… I see it as — Energy that no longer is needed is passing through and out…. thank you for fulfilling the need at the time….. You’ve raised your vibration… the old must fall away.’ – Baylan Megino [http://whitelightassociates.com]

photographer unknown but thank you!

which reminded me of one of my favorite quotes about emotion = energy in motion: “We can move together, or alone. We can move backwards, sideways, up and down. Movement is happening everywhere all the time. It is the motion of our cells, the pulse of our blood, the rhythm of our breath. It is, as well, the ocean waves rising and falling and the alternating patterns of night and day. Movement is life and movement is the source of dance. Any body, no matter how old or young, in whatever physical condition, has a capacity to move, even if it is just your little finger or a movement carried as an image in your mind’s eye.” – Anna Halprin, Author of ‘Dancing as a Healing Art’

kapwahan at  teacher’s camp, baguio city:    i am so ever thankful for caregivers: edna keley, dindo manumbal, and my housemates: nang lydia, dernalyn, denia, edwin jay, sir santos, mumbaki ryan, jovany and those at teacher’s camp who visited and wished me well during my short illness. thank you for bearing with me. thank you great spirits. i love you all. ingat.