babaylans in Bohol June 2012

apu reyna at tagbilaran’s rizal park

happenstance that the babaylans of the celyo rizalista were going to bohol to commemorate dr jose rizal’s 150th birthday at the same time i would be in the islands, come to find out that a cousin of mine is the main contact in the islands. thankful and blessed i am, she would pick me up and drop me off during the celebrations, happenstance, i wondered even more as the color of clothing i wore without verbal consult ended up matching. I first met Kataastaasang Babaylan Yolanda Liban Manalo at the CFBS International Conference last year in Northern California. i am unable to formulate into words the experience at this time so in lieu of words i share a youtube video from an artist who met with Apu Reyna and some photos taken from the flower offering in Tagbilaran City, Bohol, for Dr Jose Rizal’s 150th celebration 2012. Mabuhay!



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  2. Hi, there,My friend, Britt rnmemceoded your site to me, and I am glad she did! These photographs are pretty impressive! They are amazing! And I love the blogs about your trips, as it gives me vivid ideas for my next visit to the Philippines. I am fortunate to have visited almost 30 countries, but at the bottom of my heart, a little guilt lurks inside that I have not fully explored my very own country. The last time I visited which was last year, I really wanted to go to Panglao but I was in Cebu during Holy week and there were no scheduled boats to leave for Panglao those two days. I will be back in a couple years, and I will definitely visit Panglao, Boracay and maybe, Palawan. So, thank you sooo much for sharing all these beautiful photos and detailed information about Philippine destinations, it surely encourages me to visit very soon. All the best to you! Enjoy! Alette Clark

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