heartaches and two funerals

booming city by the bay
water flows

coming back to the bay area this time around started out with the not so surprising jet lag, expected from traveling back (wards) in time over a 16 hour flight over the pacific ocean. i was apprehensive about coming back. a few days upon arrival, i learned of shocking e-news of a death of a mentor/friend/2nd mom with an impromptu co-hosting a funeral reception at our humble abode. the following week, a death of another friend greeted me via text. loss of life learned via text/email is just as shocking as face to face dialogue minus the consoling hugs and human touch and connection of those involved. i am learning that i do not like learning bad news in this informal modern way of the digital world. blessed to have met the ones who have passed, for your teachings, i thank you for this honor you have given me. may you both rest in peaceful power. i am grieving these recent loss, also grieving leaving the homeland but learning to embrace today’s gifts. as the water flows, I am moving on and must keep with the “girl’s guide to loving life: counting blessings, practice kindness, let go of what i cannot control, listen to my heart, be productive and yet calm, and keep on breathing.”

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