‘in this life’

daghang mabuhay Israel Kamakawiwo’ole and fellow islanders all over the globe

somewhere over the clouds my eyes look down towards the blue and green coast of northern o’ahu, the first and only time i tandem sky-jump down from a perfectly running plane back in year 2009 as a reunion activity with a fellow middle schooler, ms sofz. somewhere over the clouds i sent out prayers for safety and intentions of good-will addressing the four directions as my eyes look down towards the blue and green mountain tops of northern o’ahu along the coastline by camp erdman where years past fellow kababayans do their spring time work in sariling gawa camp to spring time 2013 coming up. somewhere over the clouds i dream of bridges with rainbows across the oceans starting from my heart is where i am and hope to see you in this life as bangka journey continues. paddle sessions begins this friday in oaktown. please subscribe to bangka journey’s subscription (see right sidebar) to get details of paddle and carving sessions. mabuhay!




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