bangka journey <3 monsoon

Bangka Journey announces its collaboration with Monsoon as our fiscal agent. Paddles up to Monsoon! Learn more about Monsoon at In the spirit of healing, Bangka Journey supports Monsoon’s mission. Monsoon-United Asian Women of Iowa is committed to helping families of Asian descent in Iowa. The organization’s long-term mission is to eliminate domestic violence and sexual assault by promoting the social, economic, and political self-determination of all women.

4 more days to go. You are still able to support bangka journey. Learn more about bangka journey and its indiegogo campaign, click on the link below

daghang mabuhay to our funders listed below! paddles up!

looking forward to our future funders – do check out the images on the gallery click on link below
if you would like to mail in a check, contact for details.

if you are not able to support us financially at this time, please do share with your friends and networks. carving and paddle-design/carving sessions will be on-going.

with love, light and joy from bangka girl 🙂



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